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Investing in your employees health and wellbeing has never been so important.


My corporate wellness package aims to empower and educate staff enabling them to adopt a healthier lifestyle with better foods choices. In doing  so they will benefit from a reduction in stress, increased energy, ability to perform and an overall improvement in health. As a company you too benefit through a reduction in sick leave, longer staff retention rates, increased productivity and a generally happier, healthier workforce. 

Services include;

  • Educational talks (one off or a multiple)

  • Group workshops

  • One to one consultations

  • Lunch-and-learns  
    All offered in person and online

All corporate services are bespoke and tailored to your company and employees needs

Enqiure Now

FREE Discovery Session

To find out how nutritional therapy could help you address a specific health concern or with your overall wellbeing, please get in touch



Start today by downloading my FREE mood boosting guide, which contains nutrition and lifestyle advice, proven to boost your mood! For more information book in for a FREE discovery call. 

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