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I believe in a truly integrated approach to healthcare, because of this I've partnered up with consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician Mr. Ashfaq Khan, founder of Harley Street Gynecology.

I have a huge passion for women's health and both Mr. Khan and I believe in the power of an integrated approach to healthcare.

Together we tackle all aspects of women’s health, I head up the nutrition side of things and together we provide the absolute best care to our clients.⁠


  1. Before we meet, I will send you a comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire as well as a 5-day food diary

  2. Once I receive your completed forms, we can arrange an initial 1:1 session, in clinic (25 Harley Street) or online.

  3. In this consultation we will discuss your situation, I’ll explain what’s going and how we can address this through nutrition and lifestyle.

  4. Based on that I will provide you a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme, which may include tests and supplements. 

  5. We will then have follow-up sessions 4-6 weeks later where we will assess your progress and review any test results. If you wish to address other issues or there are other issues that need addressing, we can work these into the programme, as we begin to see results.

You may also get coaching calls in between sessions to support you throughout your journey.

Initial consultations last 60 minutes, with follow up sessions lasting 45 minutes. The length of the total programme and number of follow ups required will depend on your individual circumstance.

I will provide a full explanation and my understanding of your health concerns and will support you throughout. If any foods are to be omitted alternatives will always be offered.

The nutritional programme of which you’ll receive your own copy of, will include; diet, lifestyle and where necessary supplements tailored to suit you, recipes can also be provided. If you come across any difficulties adaptations can be made.




1:1 Initial Consultation

Duration 60 minutes

creamy fish in a skillet.jpg

1:1 Follow Up

Duration - 45 minutes


Business People at a Lobby

Investing in your employees health and wellbeing has never been so important. My corporate wellness programme includes educational lectures, group workshops and one to one consultations (in person or online).
By investing in your employees, not only will you be supporting their health and wellbeing, you'll see an improvement in productivity and attendance in the work place too.


FREE Discovery Session

To find out how nutritional therapy could help you address a specific health concern or with your overall wellbeing, please get in touch

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