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Continued professional development  &  Certifications

I am dedicated to my practice and committed to extending my knowledge by keeping up to date with the latest scientific research involved in nutritional science. In doing so l undertake self-directed and externally mediated continuous professional development alongside my expanding private practice.
Some examples over the past few years are listed below.


  • Food as Medicine - Pregnancy and Fertility, Monash University

  • Functional Testing - Institute for Optimum Nutrition

  • Optimising Nutrition on a Plant-based diet

  • Female Health Hormones with Christine Bailey

  • Cytoplan: Building Resilience series



  • Intuitive Eating - London Centre for Intuitive Eating, Laura Thomas PhD, RNutr

  • Cytoplan Roadshow - The Exposome

  • Integrated Healthcare and Applied Nutrition Summit 2019

  • Teenage Nutrition - Feeding the Adolescent Brain and Body

  • Preventing and Reversing Neurodegenerative Diseases - Dale Bredesen

  • The NMDA Receptor Story - From Bench to Bedside

  • Biocare: Inflamm-nation



  • Brain Health: Reversing Cognitive Decline

  • Vegan diets - Strengths and Challenges

  • Female Health, Genetics and Functional Testing

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