Nutrition  is the application of nutritional science, to support you to maximise your health potential through a healthy diet and lifestyle. More and more we see scientific research demonstrate the link between what we consume and the ability of our bodies to function. It’s no surprise that nutrition can help manage a range of symptoms both internally and externally.

Knowing what and when to eat sometimes isn’t enough, nutritional therapy can help identify what and when to eat for you as an individual. I do not believe in one size fits all and every nutritional plan is tailor made to you. The body is a complex system and no one system is the same as another. Underlying hormonal imbalances are often expressed through uncomfortable and undesirable symptoms, such as acne, excess weight and mood disturbances.  

I use evidence based functional medicine to identify the route of the problem, so we can then tackle both the symptoms and the cause. With appropriate nutrition we give our body what it needs to work.

I believe where necessary it’s important to work in collaboration with complimentary practices such as doctors, researcher scientists and herbalists.


We may need to run some tests, tests include but aren’t limited to; Hormone profiles, mitochondrial function, metabolic profiling and energy production, genetic analysis, gastrointestinal functioning, adrenal function, thyroid function, allergies and intolerance, nutrient levels and toxic element levels.


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